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REF SPECIALISTS BECOME REF PROGRAMME PARTNER: The Tropical 7s is excited to announce a partnership with Back10PROs to become an official partner of the Tropical 7s Referee Programme. As industry-leading rugby referee specialists, Back10PROs will support the Tropical 7s tournament with dedicated referee coaching and work directly with all Tropical 7s referees during the event.

The commitment to conduct referee coaching during the Tropical 7s will enhance the experience for all match officials as well as the participating teams. With the goal of continuing to elevate the quality and level of officiating at the tournament, the partnership with Back10PROs will also play a key role in developing current and future referees.

“We are excited to partner with Back10PROs to provide a significantly enhanced experience for our referees,” said Tropical 7s Executive Director John Siner. “By introducing dedicated coaching for referees, we will not only improve the quality of officiating at the tournament, but it will also attract a higher quality of referee. Tropical 7s has already grown into one of the top tournaments that a youth player can attend, and this relationship with Back10PROs is a huge value add to the tournament.”

Back10PROs is a company focused on rugby referees and referee coaching, leveraging its extensive experience of its membership with an on-going pursuit of honing the skill sets of its member match officials, organizers and event managers, providing the latest and greatest in best practices to create a team of experts for the rugby industry.

“Partnering with the Tropical 7s in Orlando is a great step for our organization and makes perfect sense for us to be involved with,” said Back10PROs CEO Phil Klevorick. “The event has established itself as a premier tournament, and we are helping them take it to a new standard. Our network of referees are looking for opportunities exactly like this, to receive effective coaching while participating in a high-quality competition.”

The Tropical 7s takes place annually every Easter week in Florida, and welcomes over 100 teams from across the globe with boys and girls divisions at U18, U16, U14 and University/U23 age brackets. Interested referees looking to become a match official for the event can find out more information and complete the application on the Tropical 7s Referee Programme registration page.

More information about Back10PROs and its efforts to be the leader in rugby referee and referee coaching can be found at

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