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The TROPICAL 7s will once again be hosting an Athlete Combine for all players. For the 2023 TROPICAL 7s, the Athlete Combine will take place on Thursday 6th April 2023. There is no additional charge for registered teams to participate in the Athlete Combine.

USA Rugby will be hosting an official USAR TALENT ID SESSION alongside the Athlete Combine, where all participating players will be able to interact with USAR high performance coaches and national selectors (TBD).

The Athlete Combine provides an opportunity for both teams and players to benchmark themselves against each other and other teams through a standardised series of physical tests that have been identified as being critical to the performance of elite rugby sevens players including:

  • Speed

  • Acceleration/explosiveness

  • Agility and footwork

  • Endurance


The TROPICAL 7s Athlete Combine enables individual players to challenge themselves, their teammates and other players across a range of skills and athletic tests, designed by international trainers and coaches, which are relevant to the game of rugby 7s.  


Please refer to the Event Programme for the latest timings.


Results of the Tropical 7s Athlete Combine are recorded with winners announced. 

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