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TROPICAL 7s is pleased to announce a new partnership with Tampa-based events photographer, Apeiro Sports Photography. Apeiro Sports Photography are the Official Event Photographer & Videographer Provider to the 2024 Tropical 7s.

Apeiro will be providing event photography and video services to tournament organisers as well as offering photo and video packages to participating teams looking to capture their Tropical 7s experience. Teams have been requesting this type of service at previous Tropical 7sand we are thrilled to be able to provide this year.

Make sure your unforgettable moments on the field are captured professionally with Apeiro Sports Photography. The early bird offer has been extended - just book in advance and pay a deposit to guarantee your photographer to take advantage of Apeiro's exclusive 30% discount. All orders purchased during the tournament will be charged at full price and will be subject to availability.

Why choose Apeiro Sports Photography?

  • Experienced photographers and videographers dedicated to capturing the essence of your team's journey at the Tropical 7s.

  • High-quality images and video footage that encapsulate the excitement and camaraderie of your team’s experience at the Tropical 7s.

  • Various video and photo packages are available to suit your team's specific needs and budget.

  • Quick turnaround times, so you can relive your favorite moments sooner.

Don't miss this opportunity to preserve your memories from the 2024 Tropical 7s! Book your photography/filming session with Apeiro Sports Photography today and cherish your rugby adventures for years to come! 

Full price list and booking information can be found HERE or they can be contacted directly at

Based in Tampa, Apeiro proudly offer the best of sports, event, real estate, and commercial photography across the entire South Florida area.

All media enquiries can be emailed to

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