International Youth Sevens


Rugby 7s is one of the fastest growing internationally-played sports, accelerating now that it is officially an Olympic sport, that made its debut at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

This shorter version of the game is enabling more people to play the sport worldwide and creating a movement of emerging rugby countries and driving the rugby’s global popularity.

As an open field game, it’s a more athletic, simpler to understand and less physical format of the game than traditional 15 a-side rugby. It's also exciting to both play and watch.

Rugby was the fastest growing team sport in the USA in 2015. It is one of the leading growth markets with an increasing interest from international teams wanting to tour in the USA.

The appeal of a genuine chance at winning an Olympic medal together with the emergence of skill sets specific to the shorter format of the game, rugby 7s is likely to develop its own player development pathway and an interest in the sevens format particularly among a youth market.

Our vision at TROPICAL 7s is to grow the tournament into the world's leading event of Olympic format rugby at a youth and university level. For the players, we expect it will be where dreams of becoming an Olympian and winning medals are born. We are committed to developing the game of rugby and providing a world-class experience and cultural exchange for all participants. 

Florida is a natural destination to play rugby – pristine grass pitches, a warm climate and close proximity to local attractions. We can't think of a better place to play come join us in the Tropics for an unfortettable rugby experience.

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